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How to fix a Windows 10 setup stuck at a logo from a USB boot – Quora.Top 10 Ways to Fix Window 10/11 Stuck on Loading Screen Issue

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Windows 10 wont boot past logo free download

Click Install now and Next. If your laptop screen is black upon startup, unplug everything not necessary for your PC to work — leave only your monitor, mouse, and keyboard plugged in and restart your computer. Thanks for your feedback. In this post, we collect several methods which receive some positive feedbacks on the internet.

Windows 10 wont boot past logo free download. Top 10 Ways to Fix Window 10/11 Stuck on Loading Screen Issue [MiniTool Tips]

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Previous Next. Oct 16, 2, 1 My computer shut off while browsing, and now wont boot past the windows logo. After that goes, it goes to a black screen and wont boot further.

I took the ram out, booted, and it beeped, so im guessing the mobo is good. I swapped cpus with no avail, so im guessing its not the cpu. Primary boot device is the harddrive, which is pretty new, so i dont think thats the problem the computer doesnt move around alot, so it hasnt taken a shock, and the hd isnt making any funny noises.

I unplugged the cdrom, so it wouldnt get confused. I have checked the 4 pin and the 20 pin connectors on the mobo, and both seem to be seated correctly. I tried a different stick of ram and still had the same problem. Im not sure what else to try. This is a mega , so I cant just “throw in another psu”.

Ive searched the web and can’t seem to find a replacement psu. Any ideas? Also, has anyone ever used 2 psu’s? I was thinking of trying to use one of those pico-atx psus for the mobo, and one of those 5. Has anyone done this? Thanks for the help guys! Oct 23, 5, 2 Originally posted by: max My computer shut off while browsing, and now wont boot past the windows logo. After getting to the screen where I can select those options, the keyboard no longer works or the pc wont accept input.

I can go to the bios from the screen before and navigate around the bios, but after continuing, it wont let me select anything. How do I reset all the bios settings? Maybe that would fix it.

A few updates- now it is giving me a single beep after the windows logo. Also, I really should have mentioned, this started after installing my new brand new gfx card. Its an agp 8x hdpro. I checked msi’s site and the mobo is 8x compatible according to them.

I had no problems installing drivers and even running 3dmark03 afterward. It ran through all the tests, gave me a score. I closed it down, opened up a browser to search for possible new drivers, then it shut down. I took the card out after finding it wouldnt boot again and tried to boot again, with no luck. A side note, the front display isnt working.

Im starting to think its the mobo I looked at the agp slot voltages, there are only options for 1. Msi’s site says 8x compatible, but I thought that 8x was at. Im not really sure what to do. Originally posted by: max After getting to the screen where I can select those options, the keyboard no longer works or the pc wont accept input. I dont have a ps2 keyboard or I would have tried that. All the fans are running so im not sure if its the psu.

Anyone know what 1 beep means? Thanks for the help so far dclive! By ‘front display’ you mean what, exactly? If all the fans are running, that’s not a good sign – that suggests to me the BIOS isn’t telling the fans to calm down during the PC’s powerup process.

In any case, I’d try a PS2 keyboard first and see how far you get in Windows, as long as you can reliably boot to that point. I got it into safe mode!!! I borrowed a ps2 keyboard from a neighbor, and got it into safe mode. Any suggestions on what to do? Does this mean my mobo is ok?

Well there are only 2 fans in the pc, both on the heatsink. They both run when booting up normally, so its nothing new. As for the front lcd, the mega has an lcd on the front for the hifi mode. It is usually a clock when the pc is on. Nothing is on it right now, which is worrysome.

In safe mode, I am dumping everything onto an external hd. Do you think a fresh install could fix it? Mar 6, 5 0 0. Before you reinstall maybe you could try getting rid of the drivers for the new video card. Good call, ill give that a shot after the files finish transfering i only have a usb, with about gb of stuff to transfer. If you can boot in safe mode, you have a driver issue – a driver or service that normally starts in normal mode but doesn’t start in safe mode is causing the issue – or its’ associated hardware is causing the issue.

From this point it should be simple enough to find the issue. Do you think reinstalling the drivers would help, or that the hardware is just not compatible? You have a driver which you need to identify – or a service – that is causing a problem. First ID it, then remove it, then grab the latest from the vendor.

Alright, just an update in case anyone does a google search and has the same problem. I reinstalled windows, and got fresh drivers for everything.

This worked for about 3 boots, then it started happening again. I took out the ddr I had in the board, and put in ddr Wala, it works perfectly now. I assumed that the ram would downclock to the mobo only supports , but I guess the combination of my oc’ed cpu and ram couldnt be handled by the board.

Anyway, im on the prowl for some ddr ram now. Resetting the bios to defaults now boots the computer fine with the , but I want to increase cpu speeds. Im half asleep so I dont know if that made sense, but my problem is solved, thanks for helping me out guys, I really appreciate it!

Jan 30, 13 0 0. Something similar happened to my pc, I used the windows disk to restore it and now it’s fine. Only problem is I forgot my password lol. You must log in or register to reply here. Computer Building 0 Mar 10, Question Unknown problem with my computer, looping and beeping Question Looking to overhaul my ancient computer Question Very slow boot time on new computer. Post thread. CPUs and Overclocking. Graphics Cards. Started by Failnaught Jul 1, Replies: Operating Systems.

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