Microsoft office powerpoint 2007 tutorial pdf free free. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007: Complete Concepts and Techniques (Sam 2007 Compatible Products)

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Microsoft office powerpoint 2007 tutorial pdf free free


And this is important, because based on our experience, the PPT average only knows between 10 to 30 PowerPoint shortcuts. This shortcut guide covers over shortcuts in PowerPoint that will dramatically improve your productivity! This guide is NOT designed to be consumed in one sitting…this is not a cram session for some pretend PowerPoint exam… and we are not handing out gold stars here. To see a break out a shorter list of our 80 favorite PowerPoint shortcuts, see our guide here.

First off though, these two shortcuts work in all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. They also work on a Mac. It sounds like a repeat shortcut, but it plays a very strategic role in PowerPoint, and is definitely worth memorizing. That gives you an insurance policy to go back to your original layout, if you make a bunch of changes that you end up not liking. Just make sure to hit F12 to save your new presentation with a new name.

Can be very handy in certain situations. The same is true for when working with your slide numbers in PowerPoint, details here. If you start on a title slide and use either keyboard shortcut, you will get a blank slide of the next type of slide in your deck…which is the layout directly following your title slide as dictated by your Slide Master.

For additional details on these New Slide shortcuts, read our guide here. Creating Hyperlinks in PowerPoint is useful for two main reasons: 1: Navigational Features Adding hyperlinks allows you to create navigational or interactive features in your presentations by allowing you to jump around within your deck from one slide to another , open other programs, navigate to websites, etc.

For example, software engineers use hyperlinks to simulate the opening and closing of different file menus that they have mocked up in PowerPoint. A clever trick for avoiding this pesky formatting, is to add your hyperlink to the shape that your text is within, instead of the text itself. This way you get your hyperlink functionality with your shape, without inheriting the hyperlink formatting on your text.

To learn how to hyperlink in PowerPoint read our guide here. This formatting shortcut is significantly faster than hunting around in the file menus for your chart formatting options… no matter how fast you are at working with your charts!

This works even if the chart element is not visible on your chart. Hitting this shortcut activates the animation painter, which allows you to then apply your sequence of animations to other objects in PowerPoint. These are critical for anyone who wants to save time in PowerPoint.

The clipboard is a great way to collect a number of items across the Microsoft Office suite, and paste them onto your slides in one go. To turn on the clipboard copy feature of PowerPoint, follow these steps:. Doing so opens up the paste special dialog box, allowing you to choose your preferred picture type, including the Metafile format.

This is extremely useful when trying to extract information out of a table or break a chart down into things that you can easily format in PowerPoint. Objects can also be part of more than one group. For example, you can first group two rectangles together as a box layout and then take that box layout and group it together with a chart.

To learn more about grouping in PowerPoint, see our guide here. These shortcuts are incredibly simple, and yet, so powerful. Once you learn them, you will never want to reach for your mouse to manipulate your shapes again! Once the pane is open, you can either navigate ti with your keyboard for the more advanced keyboard users , or simply use your mouse which is good enough for most things.

To open the pane in PPT , from the Home tab, select the Arrange tool drop down and then select the Selection Pane at the bottom of the dropdown. Normally, you can click something with your mouse to activate it in PowerPoint. Look for the underlined letters in the words within the dialog box, which you can activate by holding the ALT key and hitting those letters on your keyboard. To learn how to use the strikethrough shortcut click here.

These shortcuts allow you to quickly navigate, select, edit and rearrange blocks of text… which is likely what you are dong ALL DAY long. Of all the places to lose time when working under a tight deadline, the last thing you want to stumble on is simply flipping through and arranging your presentations.

These efforts create new value, improve your skill and are hard to replicate. For more details about these two shortcuts including the brand-new one , see our article here. An example of using the drawing guides is setting the left side of your slide where you want all of your objects to start on each and every slide. Once the line is set, you can then see that line on all of your slides and layout your content accordingly.

Typically you only need the ruler for adjusting your bullet point spacing, so having a quick way to turn it on and off is handy. What these do is allow you to rotate between the open panes in the PowerPoint environment of which there are five default ones and any other panes or dialog boxes that you have open. Also, both of these panes have very useful keyboard shortcuts associated with them. So after opening it, hit F6 on your keyboard and you will rotate to it, and use your other select pane shortcuts.

The Outline View is great for managing large presentations, as it allows you to quickly cycle through, rearrange and evaluate your content at a 30, foot view. To use all of the Outline View shortcuts, you need to be active in the Outline View from your keyboard… you cannot just select it with your mouse.

See the Navigating Active Panes shortcuts for more. To expand your knowledge and learn more about using Outline View in PowerPoint, read our guide here.

Closing vs. Creating and opening presentations. It is a subtle difference, but if you are frequently opening and closing presentations, these shortcuts will help you jump start your search more effectively depending on where you want to start. Save As F12 is a slightly more advanced version of the Save shortcut, as it allows you to save your file with a new name, change its save location or change its file type.

The most frequently used alternative file type is the PDF file format, which you can select in the drop down. Two of the often overlooked printing options are the Notes pages and the Outline View. To learn how to print multiple slides per page using the Print dialog box, read our guide here. You can use the Save As F12 shortcut to protect your presentation by saving it as the Picture Slideshow file type.

Doing so turns your presentation into pictures that someone can run natively in PowerPoint in Slideshow mode, but cannot edit. To learn more click here. You have two inking options in PowerPoint the pen and the highlighter which allow you draw on your slides during your presentation to make your point visually. To pre-ink your slide, simply open the ink tools, which you can find on the Review tab. You can then draw on your slides however you like and make your notes. I find the Start from Current Slide the most flexible for spot checking your content in fullscreen mode, and rehearsing individual slides in the new Presenter View.

Although it might appear to take more time, it makes spotting embarrassing presentation errors significantly easier when you are simple-mindedly focused on a specific error.

For example, if you want to jump to slide number 22, hit 2, then 2, and then ENTER and you will jump to slide A third option is to use hyperlinks, which you can also navigate to from your keyboard in Slideshow mode.

See our guide here for details. For example, you could search for the name of your product to jump to its description. So just be careful. By a sweeping technique, I simply mean working through your slides accomplishing a single task at a time, like changing font or fill colors, outlines, text size, etc.

When sweeping through your deck, if you use one of the Repeat Last Action commands, you can simply repeat your last action over and over again, saving yourself a lot of clicking around and wasted time.

As demonstrated in the video above, you can change the limit of how many Undo commands you can perform. You’ll also get our newsletter with the best PPT tips on the web, which you can unsubscribe from with one click. We collect and protect your information in accordance to our Privacy Policy.


10 Best FREE Microsoft Courses with Certification (Aug ).[PDF] Microsoft PowerPoint free tutorial for Beginners

Your Organization’s Name Here. Microsoft. ®. Office. PowerPoint This manual is designed for computer users of all experience levels. learn how to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint What’s on the CD? The following table lists the practice files supplied on the book’s CD. A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a full-featured presentation program.

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