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Hazel No – Hazel Street, Belmont.

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4 6 hazel street free


After turning to the northeast, into what is today known as the Kativik region of extreme northern Quebec, the remnants of Hazel were absorbed by a larger extratropical storm over Canada on October Navy completed extensive preparations at its Guantanamo Bay base , ordering about 1, civilians into hardened, fortified Quonset huts , flying aircraft out of the storm’s path, and positioning surface ships out at sea.

Then, on October 14, the United States Weather Bureau issued a warning for the Carolinas , with the caveat that the worst of the hurricane was expected to stay offshore.

Instead, the storm took a sharp northwest turn and headed toward land. In her book Hurricane Hazel , Canadian journalist Betty Kennedy argued that in Canada, the impressions that Hazel was “the best-kept secret in town” and that it was a “fully documented meteorological event that should have taken nobody by surprise” both “paradoxically [ Two Special Weather Bulletins were issued by the Dominion Weather Office, but since it was expected that the storm would pass east of Toronto , few other warnings were given and there were no evacuations, which increased the eventual property damage and loss of life.

There had been significant rainfall in the Toronto area in the two weeks prior to Hazel, so the ground was already saturated. Few people in Canada had any experience with hurricanes, since it was unheard of for them to travel as far north and inland as Toronto. This was the unknown, the unfamiliar, the totally unexpected crisis. Hurricanes belonged in the tropics. On October 8, two crew members on reconnaissance aircraft were injured due to turbulence while observing Hazel; one was severely enough injured to require hospitalisation.

Due to timely warnings, only nine people were killed eight by drowning and one by a landslide , but infrastructure, buildings, and agricultural areas suffered serious damage, and over 11, people were evacuated from flooded areas. In Haiti, Hazel brought flash floods which destroyed numerous villages, and high winds which caused considerable damage to major cities. The death toll was estimated to be as high as 1, people; most of the casualties drowned when the water flowed in a flood down the mountains, some of which were as high as 2, m 8, ft.

The situation was exacerbated by deforestation, which lessened the ability of the soil to hold water. West of Haiti, the hurricane brought hurricane-force winds to Cuba. Hazel passed directly over Inagua , where it claimed six lives when a sailboat capsized while taking shelter from the storm.

In South Carolina, the storm produced 10—11 ft 3. As a result of the high storm surge, the low-lying sandy barrier islands were completely flooded.

In North Myrtle Beach , a three-story hotel and an ft m pier were washed out to sea. At Cherry Grove Beach , 75 residences were demolished, while at Pawleys Island , 40 homes were destroyed, while numerous others were damaged. One death occurred in South Carolina. At landfall, the hurricane brought a storm surge of over 5.

For example, in Long Beach, North Carolina , only five of the buildings were left standing. However, since the Carolinas, like the rest of the Southeastern United States, were suffering from a severe drought, the heavy rainfall brought by Hazel was welcome. In North Carolina, the most rain was received in the interior of the state: Robbins received mm Nineteen people were killed in North Carolina, with several hundred more injured; 15, homes were destroyed and another 39, were damaged.

While Hazel caused the most damage in the Carolinas, the storm did not lose all of its intensity. Going north, Hazel turned extratropical by midday when it merged with a cold front; however, it retained hurricane-strength winds and it continued to drop heavy rainfall. Roofs were blown off, trees and power lines were toppled, windows were shattered, and awnings were torn.

The naval station suffered mainly minor damage to its temporary installations. The roof of the customs house was detached and landed on the street. Additionally, a ft 46 m microwave tower in Warsaw was knocked over. The storm damaged approximately 18, homes and businesses. In general, power was knocked out and trees were downed. Rain amounts were heavier on the western side of the storm. In West Virginia, the average amount of rain received was mm 9 in with localized amounts of mm 12 in reported in the Appalachians.

To the north in Pittsburgh, only 90 mm 3. To the east, the Washington, D. Much of the grounds of the Naval Academy in Annapolis were flooded, putting midshipmen to work the next day to clean up the debris. New Jersey escaped major flooding as the high tide was low enough, but to the south in Chesapeake Bay , the majority of crab pots were destroyed.

In Pennsylvania, the winds were still high enough to unroof several homes. In upstate New York, the storm blocked highways and railroads. After weeks of unusually high rainfall saturated the Greater Toronto Area , Hazel dropped additional rainfall, peaking at 8.

In three hours, the city received 3. Most of these rains ran off into rivers and creeks of Toronto, which raised water levels by as much as 20—26 ft 6—8 m. Floodwaters slowly rose in Holland Marsh — a bowl-shaped valley near Bradford — allowing people to escape to the town. Much of the crops in the area were either swept away or ruined.

In Woodbridge , the river swelled from its usual width of 20 m 66 ft at its narrowest point to m ft , and left hundreds homeless and nine dead. The rise of the river was unprecedented and the residents did not evacuate, which led to the high death toll. The death toll of 81 people has not since been equaled by a natural disaster in Canada. In addition to the casualties, over 4, families were left homeless.

In the aftermath of Hazel, a three-day period of national mourning was declared in Haiti for hurricane victims. With existing infrastructure already poor, the recovery was very slow since many of the few existing roads were blocked, and communications equipment was either out, damaged, or destroyed.

Pan American World Airways offered the use of its planes to assist with the delivery of aid, [54] and the US aircraft carrier USS Saipan deployed 18 helicopters to help deliver supplies. In the Carolinas, the National Guard was mobilised by the evening of October 15 to prevent looting along affected areas of the coastline.

On October 17, President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared a “major disaster” in the Carolinas, and offered “immediate and unlimited federal assistance. Another concern was the rebuilding of the sand dunes along waterfronts. An artificial sand dune barrier, 39 km 24 mi long, was completed by October 30, which in the long run led to a more rapid natural build-up of larger dunes. With Myrtle Beach a popular tourist destination, the Chamber of Commerce began an information campaign to inform the public, which might have erroneously concluded from the massive media coverage that the city had been destroyed, that the city would be ready for the coming summer.

The rebuilding after the partial destruction would transform Myrtle Beach from a “quaint summer colony to a high-rise resort city”. The army sent about soldiers to Toronto to assist with the cleanup, providing blankets and mattresses.

Toronto residents helped out with the relief effort: the Salvation Army received so many donations of clothes, footwear, blankets, food, and money that its storage facilities were overfilled, forcing it to advise against further donations until they were needed. A portion of the fund was set aside as a contingency reserve in the event of unresolved claims and also toward administrative expenses. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority was created after the storm to manage the area’s floodplains and rivers, such as building dams.

A footbridge dedicated to the victims crosses the Humber river in Raymore Park, which was the former Raymore Drive. As a result of the catastrophic damage and severe death tolls in the Caribbean, United States and Canada, the name Hazel was retired, and will never again be used for an Atlantic hurricane. However, since it was retired before the inception of naming lists with the modern six-year cycle, it has not been directly replaced with any particular name.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Category 4 Atlantic hurricane in This article is about the Atlantic hurricane of For other storms with the same name, see Tropical Storm Hazel.

Surface weather map of Hazel near landfall in North Carolina on October Map key. Saffir—Simpson scale. Storm type. Tropical cyclone. Subtropical cyclone. Main article: Effects of Hurricane Hazel in Canada. Tropical cyclones portal. The Kingston Daily Freeman. Kingston, New York. Associated Press. October 5, Retrieved September 21, Pottstown Mercury.

Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Archived from the original on October 5, May Hurricane Research Division. Archived from the original on June 4, Davis Weather Bureau Office. Archived PDF from the original on January 2, Retrieved June 17, Archived from the original on December 4, Retrieved June 13, Canadian Hurricane Centre. Archived from the original on July 15, National Geographic. Archived from the original on May 7, The Miami News.

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